What are Flowmeters?

Flow meters are gauges which depict the flow rate of liquids or gas. It is vital that these flow meters are made with extreme precision to offer the most accurate and precise results. Many plumbing plants and engineers require the use of flow meters to determine liquid flow through pipes, the average velocity of the liquid flow and the area of the pipe. Flow meters are commonly installed in sewer lines to find infiltration and inflow. A good amount of people install their own flow meters with simplicity on their pipes. However, nearly 75% of those who do install their own flow meters end up with errors and problems. Installing a flow meter may seem like simple easy work, but it is a complicating experience when trying to install a flow meter with no mistakes.

Overall, there have been mechanical, vortex, magnetic and ultrasound flow meters which have been invented throughout the years. The mechanical flow meter is the most common flow meter due to the ease and simplicity it is to install a mechanical flow meter. However, the ultrasonic flow meter is the most recent, accurate and precision-based flow meter at the moment.

Mechanical flow meters are measured using the pressure in a pilot tube of the cooling of a heated element placed inside the mechanical flow meter by the passing liquid. This is not exactly an accurate method and is more of a rugged and versatile method meant for a cheap and quick result.

Vortex flow meters use a slightly different method by placing an object, usually a shredder bar, in the flow of the liquid. When the liquid passes through the object, certain vortices are created to show results in the flow of the liquid. These vortices will flow up or down the vortex flow meter. The speed of how fast these vortices will be proportional to the flow rate of the liquid.

The magnetic flow meters are a bit similar to the mechanical flow meters except for the fact that a magnetic field is applied to the tube. This can influence the difference of the flow velocity to the flux lines.

Finally there are ultrasound flow meters, which are the modernized and accurate flow meters at the moment. It uses a more modernized technique by measuring the transit time between the ultrasonic pulses which are propagated throughout the flow meter.